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20 photos to make you pack your bags and go to Oudtshoorn

These photos are only a glimpse into the beauty that lies in and around Oudtshoorn. If you are interested in experiencing all this region has to offer take a look at my posts from our…

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Hair Extensions – explained

In my last beauty post I got EasiPro Hair Extensions and I am absolutely loving them! Now I don’t know about you but I generally like the idea of getting things while rarely knowing exactly…

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Delicious 2 ingredient Chocolate Mousse!

This chocolate mousse is as easy as it is delicious! Thanks to the incredible product it’s made with, Chocolate Smudge (think Nutella, but even better), by the company – A Thyme to Dine, this chocolate…

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It’s MY Thyme to Dine!

A few weeks ago I spent some time with ‘A Thyme to Dine’ chef Dylan Jonsson at the Cape Town Coffee & Chocolate show. I started out with a balanced breakfast of insanely good brownies,…

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Burger & Lobster Cape Town

The latest addition to one of the best ‘food streets’ in Cape Town, housed in a striking black building, their name says it all… With three items on the menu, all done to perfection, this…

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