Vanilla… but not at all boring!

Vanilla… but not at all boring!

I’m doing a colour a day series for the next week. Each day we’ll pick a colour-flavour-scent theme and pull a bunch of things together, just for fun, the sky is the limit!

Today is Vanilla day because let’s face it we either know someone who adores it or we are that someone! It’s delicious, smells amazing, and it goes with everything!

A little background on it from Wiki…

Vanilla is a flavoring derived from orchids of the genus Vanilla, primarily from the Mexican species, flat-leaved vanilla (V. planifolia). The word vanilla, derived from the diminutive of the Spanish word vaina (vaina itself meaning sheath or pod), translates simply as “little pod”. Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican people cultivated the vine of the vanilla orchid, called tlilxochitl by the Aztecs. Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortés is credited with introducing both vanilla and chocolate to Europe in the 1520s. Wikipedia

Vanilla and Chocolate?? Hernán Cortés is my freaking hero!

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And here are today’s tips for your own makeup experience:

  • Putting a light colour in the inner corner of your eye will really make your eyes pop.
  • For a luminous skin effect, mix your foundation with a pearly white eyeshadow.
  • Cover your eyelid with white liner first to make any eyeshadow shade pop.
  • Dust on translucent powder in between coating on mascara to plump up your lashes.
  • For long-lasting lip color, swipe on your shade lay a tissue over your mouth, and then dust translucent powder over it to set the color.
  • With a swipe of white liner on the lower inner rim, you can look wide awake all night.

Happy Makeup-ing!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you.

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