Hi! I’m Taryn and I would love to help you realise the best version of YOU!

I know staying sane in this crazy world seems like a tall order but it is attainable!

I help clients, like you, rediscover their confidence, renew their sense of purpose and recognise their true self’.

I am a Counsellor and Coach. The combination of the two give me a unique insight, allowing me to understand my clients at a deeper level, by simultaneously looking at their past and focusing on their future.

I use the term sanity very loosely…
(Don’t worry, no one is going to end up in a straightjacket!)
‘Keeping Your Sanity’ is not about mental illness or the typical opposite of insanity.
It is a sentiment that covers the person as a whole, the way they perceive themselves in the world around them, and improving their situation (mentally, emotionally, physically & even spiritually) so they can live life to the best of their ability.

Sanity is, after all, an abstract concept that is entirely subjective, unique and deeply personal.

My job is to provide a framework for you to build on.
To give you the tools you’ll need to continue to grow going forward.
Together we will map out the steps you need to take, I will guide you through

Looking for a Coach?

  • Personal Development Coach
  • Resilience Counselling / Coaching
  • Mindfulness Coaching
  • General Life Coaching
  • Family & Parenting Counselling / Coaching
  • Relationship Counselling / Coaching
  • Transition Coach

You are not alone… There’s a plethora of people out there that have so many interests and passions that they have no idea what to do with their lives. They get bored so quickly that it’s only a matter of time before they lose interest in their current obsession and move on to the next new, and totally unrelated, thing.
It’s something wrestle with constantly that other personality types just can’t fathom…