treat yourself better

How can we expect others to value us when we don’t value ourselves?
Where does the compassion and respect, that we treat
others with, go when we critique ourselves?
When did someone actually having self esteem become surprising?
What do we need to do to realise that we are enough?

Why are you here looking for help?
It doesn’t matter, the fact that you are, is already a courageous first step to a better life.

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Hi, I’m Taryn.

I am a Coach and Counsellor. The combination of the two equips me with a unique insight, allowing me to understand my clients at a deeper level, by looking at their past, learning from their present, and focusing on their future.

I know staying sane in this crazy world seems like a tall order but it is attainable!

I help clients, like you, rediscover their confidence, renew their sense of purpose and recognise their true self.

I use the term sanity very loosely…
(Don’t worry, no one is going to end up in a straight-jacket!)
‘Keeping Your Sanity’ is not about mental illness or what one might typically think of as the “opposite” of insanity.

Sanity is, after all, an abstract concept that is entirely subjective, unique and deeply personal.

It is a sentiment that covers the person as a whole, the way they perceive themselves in the world around them, and improving their situation (mentally, emotionally, & physically) so they can live life to the best of their ability.

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It’s time for you to become the HAPPIEST version of YOU!

To stop worrying unnecessarily about everything, and to stop belittling yourself. Stop people pleasing, stop obsessing about what everyone else thinks, and stop seeking approval from everyone but you.

Let me help you become resilient in the face of stress and anxiety, to start treating yourself with kindness and consideration.

Let me teach you how to live your life with courage, self-respect and fortitude! How to feel confident, worthy and to be yourself, unapologetically!

Are you ready to go on this journey with me?

What is the destination? A place where I, your coach, help you realise what you need, growing as an individual, armed with the knowledge and skills to make it happen – I cannot wait to inspire and actuate the greatness that’s already inside you!

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Are we a good fit?

“Don’t worry about failures.
Worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”

– Jack Canfield

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Why not test the waters with our Self Coaching guide? It’s absolutely FREE and provides a framework for you to start changing your life for the better, either on your own (with the Self Coaching resources) or with a Coach… it’s the perfect place to start!

Coach, Life Coach, Coaching, One on One, Appointment, Help, Self care, sanity, self love, personal growth, help, life coach, Cape Town
Coach, Life Coach, Coaching, One on One, Appointment, Help, Self care, sanity, self love, personal growth, help, life coach, Cape Town